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Skilled yet unqualified: trials of the fresh graduate
The college district of Addis Ababa, covering an expansive area located off King George and Algeria Streets, is home to the oldest and biggest higher learning institution in the country – Addis Ababa University (AAU).

I have been having a set of interesting conversations with young men and women coming from different backgrounds yet all having a common problem: unemployment.
Time to Do Something about Underemployment
Are you one of those who think they have a job merely because the alarm is set to wake you up every morning and tackle Addis Ababa’s discomfort of transportation to get to office? Are you coerced to do a part time job when what you want is to work 40 hours a week in an office? Are you a secretary, these days referred administrative assistant, using an old typewriter in the world of computers or simply using the latest Macintosh computers for solitary games? Or, are you an Engineering graduate who took up a cobblestone job with the nation’s road construction projects?
Checkmate The Struggle to Retain Staff May Lead to Salary War in the Financial Sector
According to a study done by Wiki Wealth Capital, an American based Management institute, financial leverage, economics of scale and new services and technologies among others are the strengths and opportunities of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE), while high staff turnover along with work inefficiencies and other macroeconomic issues are identified as its weaknesses and threats.
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